Club Racing UK Motorsport Drinks Bottle

Club Racing UK Motorsport Drinks Bottle

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Club Racing UK endorsed bottle! Support those that are supporting you, and grab one of these bottles with the CRUK logo printed on. 

Fed up of getting harnessed in and immediately getting a dry mouth!? Hydration is extremely important for concentration and performance. Use this motorsport drinks bottle to sip away in the collection area while you focus on the task ahead. 

The unique part of our product is the long straw with bite valve. This means you can easily drink with your helmet on. Straw length out of the bottle is 10cm by default, which is in our experience the perfect length when you're strapped in the car ready to go. 

We are struggling to keep up with demand so colour choice isn't available at the moment. Please tell us if you'd prefer Blue, Silver, Black or Red and we will do our best to give you your preference if it's available.

Why buy from us?

This is a product for racers, made by racers. We have 20 years experience in motorsport, and we understand why this product is so vital.

Our promise

If you don't love the product, then please let us know. We are proud to offer a complete refund if you are not happy. This hasn't happened yet, we make a great product that our customers love and benefit from. Please give us a chance!

Gain an advantage

Pushing yourself hard for the ultimate lap time? Make sure you are hydrated, and therefore focused and ready to perform. Make headaches and dry mouth before the race a thing of the past!


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